Rimini Fiera - Rimini

When you walk into a hotel room and shut the door, you know there is a secret, a luxury, a fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.
                                                          (Diane von Furstenberg, designer)


Traveling is an unforgettable experience. A hotel room, elegant, cared for and comfortable, it helps build a memory.

Renew and create atmospheres and unique and original surroundings is what we do best.

We excite guests with architectural beauty, with the quality of the furnishings and attention to detail.

Our mission: starting from the soul of the hotel and give life to its original spirit but also lay the foundation to give birth to a new hotel.

From concept to design, planning and finally the execution: from the initial surveys to the feasibility study so that the restyle or the new hotel building are consistent with the established goals; from research, supply and installation of the most suitable materials, to the production of furniture and custom furnishings; from the on time delivery and within budget to the safety and eco-sustainability


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